Featured Model Marissa Scott @BootyQueenBeauty

I started modeling when I was 16yrs old. My mother inspired me to model. She is a very gorgeous woman. I love modeling unique things that no one would. I love how it’s a way of expressing yourself. Natural beauty is inside and out. Not just looks. My goal is to change the world. Be the worlds most memorable woman. The best memory I had with a photoshoot was for a Russian bridal catalog. I had to wear a wig. Be blonde. I was dressed in elegant dresses. It made me feel like I was on top the world. Felt like a powerful woman. I never knew I could be that fancy looking. I’d love to meet Tyra banks. She keeps it real and she seems like my style of woman to work with. I love talking to my followers about career opportunities and photo shoots. Fans can keep following me at my Instagram @BootyQueenBeauty. I will bring life back into this world.

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